The Mississippi Organization for Associate Degree Nursing believes that associate degree nursing offers an affordable opportunity for men & women to enter the nursing profession as a registered nurse.

We believe that it is important for ADN programs to ensure that opportunity. Therefore, MOADN is a state organization primarily interested in working to retain the Registered Nurse title and scope of practice for the associate degree nurse.

The organization is also interested in working for nurses to have an easy transition from ADN to BSN if so chosen. In addition, MOADN works to assure quality health care for consumers by being involved with all issues concerning nursing.

Associate degree nursing graduates have proven their ability to successfully pass the RN examination and perform safe, ethical nursing. The current RN examination tests a core of nursing knowledge & skills that is necessary for graduates of all nursing programs to function at a safe, minimum level of practice. ADN graduates tend to work in the local community where they are educated. ADN educational programs meet the need of a large number of adult learners, minorities & local residents by providing accessibility


 M-OADN is a leader and advocate for associate degree nursing.


M-OADN is the leading advocate for associate degree nursing education and registered professional nursing practice in Mississippi. It promotes collaboration in charting the future of healthcare education and delivery.  


Eligibility for Membership. The membership shall be open to individuals and agencies interested in the goals and objectives of the Organization.
                                                      Membership Classification 
Classification of membership will be as follows:
Individual members. Individual members are registered nurses who have an interest in associate degree nursing. They shall have all the rights of membership and shall have one vote.

Associate Members. Associate members are individuals other than registered nurses who have an interest in associate degree nursing. Each associate member shall have one vote. 

Retired Members. Retired members shall be an individuals who have retired from practice. They shall have all rights of membership and shall have one vote.

Agency Members. Agency members shall be composed of colleges, other institutions of higher education, and health care agencies/organizations that have an interest in associate degree nursing. Agency members shall have the right to appoint up to two delegates to membership meetings. These delegates shall have the right to make motions and vote the equivalent of two total votes. Agency members shall not have the right to hold office.

Certified Nurse Educators 

Alcorn State University: Sarah Cameron
East Mississippi Community College:  Tonsha L. Emerson 
Hinds Community College: Lisa Mosley,  Ramona Bryant,  Audrey Murray,  Marietta Bradley
Meridian Community College: Sheryl Beddingfield,  Betty Davis,  Lisa Jenkins,  Annette Rigby,  Holly Crane,  Robin Gunn,  Betty Hennington,  Randy Howse
East Central Community College: Mel Pinter
Holmes Community College: Emily Fite,  Ginger Meriwether,   
Jones County Junior College:  Nan Pritchard 
Northeast MS Community College Sherri Shadburn,  Joy Price,  Melinda Hamlin,  Donna Hill, Julie Waddell,  Rebecca West,  Clara Hurd,  Peggy Russell, Debbie Hazel-Lambert
MS Gulf Coast Community College Sandra Murphy,  Nancy Robasciotti
Pearl River Community College: Dr. Arlene C. Jones Southwest MS Community College: Joy Smith-Clayton,  Darlene Lindsey
MS Delta Community College:  Paula Rounsaville,  Denise Young,  Tracey Thompson

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