Meet Your New Board Members!


Arlene Jones, DNP, RN, CNE

Serving as our current Past President

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Public Relations Director

Nan Pritchard, MSN, RN, CNE

I have enjoyed serving the past two years as Public Relations Director. I wish to continue to serve as Public Relations Director so I can work to expand the website and provide more resources for our members.

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We had a tie!

Nominees Danielle Matthews and Shay Jennings tied in the running for the Nominations Committee Chair. According to the bylaws, in the event of a tie, the current Nominations Committee Chair casts the tie-breaking vote. As Shay Jennings is our current Chair and was in the running, the Board of Directors voted to let both nominees serve as co-chairs.

Nominations Committee Co-Chairs 

Danielle Matthews, MSN, RN

As an Alpha Delta Nu advisor, it would be an honor to serve on the Nominations Committee and help to assist in future elections. I am interested in serving on the board and offering my skills to support associate degree nursing in our state.

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Shay Jennings, MSN/ED, RN

I love being a leader and an advocate for Associate Degree Nursing. My goal is to continue to remain on the M-OADN Board by becoming the Nominations Committee member to assist the chairperson in preparing important information for the election of our future officers and to assist the M-OADN Board in any way possible.

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